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What is Optius?
Optius is a web-based audience response system, commonly known as clickers, used to rapidly measure and analyze an audience response to a poll. Most clicker systems use electronic devices to submit and collect answers. These devices are usually expensive, limiting its application to very small audiences. Optius allows that any Wi-Fi/3G- enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops,etc) to submit responses that are collected and displayed real-time through the internet. Because Optius does not require specific electronic devices, installation of any software and it is free, it can be used in different settings and for large audiences. All that is needed is access to the internet. Optius Beta is a free web-based tool, thus it requires access to the internet and to a web browser. It has been designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox, but because it is designed using basic html it should work well in most internet browsers. Optius can also be used with PowerPoint. The Microsoft Web Browser Activex control in PowerPoint allows for the display of real-time web information within a slide. Our team has created an easy-to-use PowerPoint template that uses the web browswer activex control. Optius Beta version is completely free.

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